k.p. production stands for first class music.
we bring you big cochones apres tennis fashion lounge clubsounds
on vinyl and sometimes on compact disc.
what do we mean about ´big cochones´and ´aprés tennis´?
the music from the artists of k.p.production sounds
sometimes like clean smelling slips under the skirt
of an innocent blonde virgin tennis girlie
and on the other side like a
heavy hard punch directly into your cochones,
but ever elegant and unorthodox.
K.P.Production offers a platform for those acts who were canceled
from their old label to release their first-class
clubtracks on our playground to stay alive.

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if you want to be a part of k.p.production and you
identify with our music then send us

your high quality tracks on CD.
we listen fast and hard to give you soon response.
emails with your mp3 links are welcome.
please use our contact form in the contact section!